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An individualized course in self knowledge is lying dormant within your nightly dreams.
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to Night School!

Within each of us is an internal guiding force that acts as a chaperone from the Divine. It's known by different names-- In Christianity, it's Holy Spirit, in Hindu and Buddhist traditions it's ātman and in Judaism it's Soul.

This course will give you the steps needed to establish an ongoing connection with this internal guide, also known as your Higher Self.

And it's all through feeling your emotions and studying your dreams!

A Conundrum of These Polarized Times--Can I Live and Evolve With a Protected Heart?

In Chinese medicine the pericardium is called "gate keeper to the heart." When we feel safe, it allows the heart chakra to open and when we feel threatened, the heart chakra closes, and that's when the trouble begins.

Feeling Your Emotions FULLY--the Most Powerful Tool for Evolving

What keeps us on the path to our most authentic nature is simply to fully feel all our emotions--especially the uncomfortable ones. This course teaches how combining dream guidance and your own emotional cues will lead you into living life from an open heart.

Topics Covered in This Course

  • The Source of dreams and their purpose.
  • How to adjust your diet to become more sensitive to dream guidance.
  • 34 key dream symbols that show up in everyone's dreams.
  • How dreams will show you how to balance your inner female and inner male.
  • How to handle dream prompts that seem to be suggesting big life changing choices.
  • How to use numerology and colors to better understand a dream's message.
  • Techniques and guidance for interpreting your own dreams and others dreams
  • How to enact action steps to honor the guidance provided in your dreams
  • How to self-prescribe and make homeopathic noetic remedies based on dream guidance 
  • How to recognize and clear ancestral trauma handed down from previous generations

Introducing The Listening Diet

When we stop avoiding or numbing uncomfortable feelings and instead lean into them with curiosity, then we discover that the discomfort is merely showing us beliefs and behaviors that aren't in alignment with the truth of who we really are.

And it's your dreams that will guide you through this sloughing off process, every step of the way!

The Listening Diet Requires a Moderate Level of Discipline For It to Be Effective

For one month, you’ll be asked to step away from substances/practices such as alcohol, cannabis, tobacco, caffeine, sugar (including foods high on the glycemic index), meat, dairy, frequent social media checking, and serial news watching.

All of these practices and foods were shown to me in my dreams as things to avoid, so this is my Listening Diet. Adhering to it strictly will open up an active dreaming window.

After one month, you'll be invited to use this window to test out foods and practices that you miss and want to bring back in. You’ll try them one at a time and watch for feedback from your body and your dreams about it. This way you'll develop your own tailor-made listening diet based on your higher self's guidance. 

What the Listening Diet Does For You

  • Amplifies dream retention
  • Improves ability to resolve and release old patterns of stuckness.
  • Brings a heightened sense of clarity and grounded presence.
  • Increased sensitivity to internal and external cues
  • Foods become more flavorful, and colors more vivid.

What to Expect

  • Weekly Live Zoom classes on Sundays from 11am-1pm Pacific Time.

  • Class size limited to 28 students.

  • Replays of all classes will be available for one month if you end up needing to miss any live classes.

  • A private group Slack room is provided for course materials and will be a place for class discussion.

  • Live Dream Analysis of select dreams submitted by class participants on a voluntary basis.

  • Extra dream analysis or Listening Diet support will be available for an additional fee.

Your Course Instructor at Night School

Malcolm Smith, ND has a four year medical degree from National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. He has been practicing homeopathy for 25 years and specializes in using dreams and homeopathic medicine to bring about the release of limiting beliefs hidden within the psyche. Malcolm’s work supports the process of actualization and the uncovering of the authentic self. The information offered in this class has been taken from his soon the be published book, "Night School, the Path To Your Heart Encoded in Your Dreams."

What I Got Out of the Course

During this strange and chaotic time on our planet, now more than ever, it’s vitally important that we all learn how to connect with our higher self for guidance and divine teachings. Malcolm’s course provides the inspiration and structure needed to help all of us get back to Source. He combines his vast knowledge of dream work and homeopathy with his deep, heart felt approach and unique and witty sense of humour to guide us to a new way of being—a way of being that is in alignment and in flow with our higher self’s purpose on this earth walk. Perhaps the most profound part of Malcolm’s teachings is that he teaches us to become our own healer. Under Malcolm’s guidance, I have personally made some of the biggest shifts and decisions I have ever made in my life. These permanent shifts have forged a new life for me and my family.

Eternal gratitude to you Malcolm!

Dave Lockett,

Vancouver Island BC

Life Changing

"Night School revealed a new form of communication with my Higher Self. This guided me to quit drinking, balance my inner masculine/feminine, start chanting, self prescribe Noetic remedies, and to become a vegetarian. Huge changes! Your class has changed my life. Thank you Malcolm ♥"

Michael Vincent

Get ready for a life of deepened meaning and awareness.

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I am thoroughly enjoying Night School. It is exactly what I need, as I look at starting my practice. Honestly, I would say it has been more of a therapy group, with my highest self as therapist. Very valuable process. Thank you! I’m getting clear messages regarding the changes I need to make in my life, as I move forward into this new stage. Of course, I also appreciate learning more about dream interpretation and exploring how that may be of service to clients.

– Mara Koch, student at HSI

Having undertaken the personal investment of opening his heart chakra, Malcolm is a gifted and authentic guide. After a successful 25-year career in the US Army to include deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, my heart chakra laid dormant. Night School offered me vital life skills. For example, I uncovered and healed ancestral trauma that has plagued my family for generations. I recommend Night School to anyone seeking to transform dated patterns that no longer serve your highest good.  

1SG, Carla Hodge 

US Army, Retired  

"These classes have been an incredible gift to myself. I knew I was avoiding something within myself and I needed new ways to confront my resistance. I am aligned with integrity in my core values, my intuition, and my inner wisdom on a much deeper level, and I'm able to breathe more fully and trust myself to handle whatever comes from these journeys. Even if something feels difficult and painful in the moment, the wisdom and light is sure to follow close behind, and Malcolm and others are there for support along the way."

Carol Lutter

"Working with Malcolm while on the Listening Diet allowed me to pick up very clear messages. My dreams illuminated areas where I needed to clean up distortions and old patterns. Deepest gratitude to its wisdom and Malcolm's gifted guidance through the process."

Melissa Kaplan

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